Today, I was able to go to my school and check out my classroom for the first time, except I was surprised when I got there to find out that I would be teaching on a cart, moving from classroom to classroom. Now, I am absolutely not complaining, but this is something I wish I would have known, so that I could prepare better. 

My desk is in the choral room, close to the choral director’s desk, and there are some cabinets that have a few rhythm instruments. I have a cart with three tiers, a cart that has a keyboard on it, and a class set of guitars on a mobile rack. I am trying and trying to come up with ways to put my own spin on all of this, but I seriously cannot come up with anything. 

I am sure that many of you have taught off a cart, and there are many advantages to that, including that I will only be in one building! Yay! I have quarter-long classes that are electives! Yay! I am also terrible at decorating! So that’s a win for me as well. I am just struggling to figure out how to show the students who I am as a person through the things I bring into the classroom. I want to create a fun and exciting music experience for my students,  even though I do not have my own room.

For any of you that have taught or do teach off a cart, I would be so appreciative of any advice or tips that you may have. 




2 thoughts on “FEELING LOST

  1. Hi Sarah, I just happened to stumble upon your blog…I hope your classes have gone well in the weeks since you’ve posted this. It definitely takes a while to find your stride when having to teach from a cart. Feel free to hit me up if you ever need a listening ear to bounce ideas off of!


    • Thank you so so so much for saying this. I am terrible at asking for help when it comes to anything because I don’t want to come off as unintelligent or less than knowledgeable in the field. Something I struggle with so much! Thank you for reaching out!


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