Welcome to the very first post of The Millenial Music Teacher! I seriously considered starting this whole blog up tomorrow morning, but I was inspired by a fellow colleague on a Facebook group I regularly visit.

She mentioned that what my intention is for this blog has been done before, but she did not like the way that it was done. Something she noticed with people of our generation is that people can often come off as arrogant or snobby. This struck a chord with me because I absolutely agreed with her. We are not perfect human beings, and sometimes, our egos unintentionally come before our students. Now, this is not to say that I think negatively of my fellow educators because that would be untrue.

I cannot count how many times I have felt uncomfortable in the face of other educators. I see myself as the low man on the totem pole, and I have since I finished my undergrad. I have never been one to show off, and I am highly critical of myself. It is so hard to be in this field and see so many educators that seem like they are miles beyond me and that I will never catch up. I teach in a small school where most of the teachers already have strong relationships with one another, and often times, I feel like an outsider.

This colleague also mentioned something very important about the field. The ratio of female to male choral directors that are represented is quite skewed toward the male end. Please do not get me wrong, she and I are both grateful for male colleagues because they have insight that we do not have. I appreciate their knowledge and what they bring to the table. Being female, however, certain things need to be approached in different ways than our male cohorts. I hope to inspire female and male music educators to do what I have set out to do and share their experiences and feelings with others. I want to be one of those female voices that we do not often see in the field.

With this blog, my goal is to be sincere, inquisitive, and (HOPEFULLY) informative. I want to form a community with others who feel the same way that I do and share information, feelings, lessons, and so much more. I hope to help lessen the stigma that comes with being a millenial, especially a millenial educator.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope to see you again soon.




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